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Our Expertise in School Safety Assessment, Preparation, Policy, and Training

Invicta School Safety provides individualized consulting in the areas of threat assessment, active assailant protocols and training, school security, fire safety, and review of safe school policies and procedures.
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Critical Response Assessments

Our team will visit your site and perform an assessment on your specific physical school environment, your communications equipment and protocols, and your procedures around response to a critical incident and active assailant protocols.

Emergency Preparedness

From evacuation to shelter-in-place, our team can look at your plan, your equipment and supplies, and your emergency procedures, to consult and give recommendations to meet real life circumstances.

Administrative Policy and Procedure Review

We can work with your administrative staff to review and create policy and procedures. Safety plans should be reviewed annually. 

Faculty/Staff Training

Engaging, informative and effective training, individualized and using best practices to ensure your staff have the most effective plan.

Provide your employees with training resources and exercise your plans often. The best laid plans must be practiced often in order to be effective. 


  • Review of Communication Protocols

  • Communication Equipment​ and Software

  • Crisis Communications Expertise


We can provide guidance on best practices when communicating with staff, parents and emergency services. ​


Should you have an incident on campus, we have an highly experienced communications consultant to help you deal with media, press and your parent community.